About Us

Our Vision

Know How for Tomorrow

It’s our vision to go with great ideas far beyond the existing in order to create a more reliable and a more honest world of steel of tomorrow.

Our Values


Engineering as a way of making things even better: Reliability pushed forward by industry 4.0. This is the reason why our customers say: “KOCKS is an intergenerational long-term investment”.


It’s more than proven technology that makes us unique: We keep our promises! Customers can count on realizing their investment projects on target, on time and on budget.


Focus means being mindful of the customer and creating tailor-made solutions. We are proud of our customers’ strong references and their belief: “With KOCKS we make the quality”.

Our passionate vision, honest KOCKS values and a consistent KOCKS quality strategy make us a reliable and committed partner for our customers worldwide.

Our Quality Philosophy

Our philosophy for reliable KOCKS quality is easy to sum up: We believe in German engineering and German manufacturing standards!

This is because our core components are the heart of the rolling mill and are responsible for an excellent rolling result. Our core equipment has to withstand extraordinary forces and works extremely precisely: KOCKS 3-roll technology solely determines the highest quality of the rolled SBQ bars and tubes.

Our customers can rely on absolutely reliable processes, technically forward-looking performance features and a competitive end product. Core components and its spare parts are manufactured in our own workshop in Bremen, Germany.

Here we build on expertise from more than 50 years of production experience boosted by modern digitized industry 4.0 production standards.

Our customers have been reflecting us for decades: The KOCKS rolling process defines the quality of the end product. In the heart of the rolling mills, with a KOCKS 3-roll block, our customers make their product GOLD!

Give us your Feedback

At KOCKS, we are eager to hear from customers, partners and suppliers. A simple click here enables you to address feedback directly to our management.