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The 3-roll technology developed by KOCKS for the production of wire rod and bar allows twist-free rolling of quality steels, special grades, super alloys, sintered materials as well as non-ferrous metals and their alloys in very compact blocks. It increases the flexibility of your production and the productivity of your plant. No matter how you define competitiveness, you achieve your goals with KOCKS' 3-roll blocks. We make your product gold.


3-roll RSB® 

3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block as finishing block for bar and/or pre-finishing block for wire rod within the range of Ø 5.0 mm – 160.0 mm as well as corresponding hexagon dimensions

3-roll RB 

3-roll Reducing Block applicable in roughing and intermediate mills of wire rod and bar mills to produce intermediate sizes within the range of Ø 12.0 mm – 160.0 mm as well as corresponding hexagon dimensions

3-roll PFB 

3-roll Pre-Finishing Block for sizing of entry cross-section for the wire rod finishing block within the range of Ø 5.0 mm – 30.0 mm as well as corresponding hexagon dimensions


KOCKS 3-roll blocks have a high modularity with respect to different add-ons.

Size Control System 

Highly automated closed-loop control system to optimize RSB® operating parameters to achieve and maintain best tolerances at all times at operator independent quality.

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Thermo-mechani­cal Rolling Process 

The KOCKS Thermo-mechanical rolling process combines mechanical design, automation and process simulation that allows rolling under specifically and controlled conditions.

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KOCKS ensures short routes – especially with our clients and have a focus on service which considerably exceeds normal standards.

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Process & Automation

Learn more about our state-of-the-art process and automation solutions.

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Profile & Surface

Measure up with KOCKS gauges

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Jiangsu Yonggang Group Co.,Ltd.

kocks delivers 100th rsb to china

With Yonggang's decision to invest in the 5th generation of KOCKS Reducing & Sizing technology, the barrier of 100 references was broken. Yonggang aims to play an outstanding role among the leading SBQ producers in tomorrow's challenging world.

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