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KOCKS rolled is reliability! KOCKS Service means reliability!

It is our standard to support you with all our expertise at any time, focused, ingenious and unbureaucratically! Always following the goal of securing or increasing the sustainable productivity of your machines and plants. KOCKS Consulting, KOCKS Inspection, KOCKS Modernization, KOCKS Repair Service, KOCKS Training are - in addition to a precisely fitting KOCKS spare parts business - services on our part. Thus you keep your competitiveness high in the long run and ensure the ROI of your rolling mill.

In case of complex issues affecting the production process, we are quickly on site to restore the performance of the rolling mill in a timely manner. Our promise to our customers is: We deliver the best process that allows you to roll the highest quality products reliably and efficiently.

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Basic Business

Spare parts

Precise, precisely reliable - according to our high KOCKS quality standards recognized in the steel industry.

The classic core components of KOCKS rolling mills - shafts, bearings, entire components such as gears, stands - are 'made in Germany' in our own manufacturing plant in Bremen. Thanks to the high fitting accuracy and the sophisticated quality of the delivered KOCKS components, our customers experience extremely low downtimes. Plant availability and rolling quality of your rolling mill are ensured. An enormous plus for your mill productivity and the profit to be achieved.

As a KOCKS customer you receive spare parts with a traceable certificate of origin, a good price-performance ratio, long durability and focused delivery times (on time delivery). Improvements to core components are applied if they fit into the existing plant. For the software of older plants, a complete KOCKS Software Upgrade has been launched: Our BAMICON Family Upgrade - a spare parts package of fully compatible software and hardware components - brings the productivity of older rolling mills to a new level.


Technical Support

Fast availability and a lot of reference experience are essential when questions arise in the rolling process.

Our consulting colleagues are super-experienced KOCKS engineers and KOCKS consulting services are comprehensive and reliable: Stand inspection, block inspection and maintenance, recommendations on rolling quality, tolerances and material properties, support for plant availability, technical answers to emerging questions on KOCKS equipment (pressures, oil quantities, tightening torques), feasibility studies as well as test runs.

The basic principle of KOCKS Consulting is: Our service is tailored to maximum availability. We take immediate action and follow up on troubleshooting so that downtimes are minimized. KOCKS is focused and unbureaucratic: Challenges in your production are solved individually within shortest time on the respective technical level without complex approval procedures. Our service contracts for inspection, repair and modernization as well as our scope of supply and services are modular and individually tailored to your needs.

Train yourself

KOCKS Training

Machines only run as well as the people who operate them: It's more than just a machine.

For this reason, a reliable partnership with our customers is the measure of all things for our KOCKS team - especially for training measures worldwide. We offer our customers tailor-made trainings, which are adapted to the individual project requirements in a very focused manner. We offer KOCKS trainings on stand maintenance and repair, workshop and software, Capas and many more. Our KOCKS team and individual colleagues are extremely competent, reliable, patient and - last but not least - friendly in conveying knowledge.

Basically, our training programs for the improvement of employee qualification can be offered alternatively on-site or in-house at KOCKS. Technical training of software issues, such as BAMICON Octopus, is often conducted by our technologists at the Hilden/Germany site. After successful test block installation, we are happy to travel together with our customers to our manufacturing facility in Bremen, if desired, to discuss the technical features as a team and offer further training for rollshop equipment - for example, for the CAPAS system or an efficient roll change.

Once the KOCKS block has found its final place in your rolling mill and has been successfully installed there, we conduct KOCKS operator trainings for the RSB on site: This is done with a lot of know-how, experience and tact by our KOCKS supervisors or commissioning engineers. Of course, there is always the possibility to use technical trainings - e.g. for CAPAS system - on site.


Innovative Features

The world of technologies is changing rapidly and KOCKS thinks beyond the existing.

For this reason, we are always very attentive to stay up-to-date and keep our customers on the cutting edge. As part of our KOCKS consulting services, we reliably provide you, our customers, with information about new features that can be retrofitted and that will make your plant even more competitive - from mechanics, electrics, automation to software with the associated hardware.

Currently, the Bamicon Family Upgrade is absolutely recommendable and extremely valuable for our existing customers: Rolling mill components of older generations are brought up to the current state of the art in terms of software and hardware and can subsequently be digitally connected with new electronic components as well as BAMICON Octopus and SCS. Mechanically, we offer a stand adjustment from 10mm to 13mm, which results in saving of roll costs of about one third. KOCKS stands for 'Know How for tomorrow' and we understand this as a real promise and an internalized attitude at the same time.

BamiconFamily Upgrade

For plants in need of an upgrade: a cutting-edge package of fully compatible software and hardware components.

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Upgrade of Stand Adjustment Range

Savings in roll costs by upgrading 3-roll stands to an increased adjustment range.

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An online process control system for Stretch Reducing Blocks: improving dimensional accuracy and yield for reliability in production and profit.

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Process & Automation

Learn more about our state-of-the-art process and automation solutions.

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Profile & Surface

Measure up with KOCKS gauges

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