Tube Mills

Since 1950 KOCKS has been building 3-roll Stretch Reducing Blocks for the production of seamless and welded tubes. KOCKS' rolling mills allow economic and reliable production of steel tubes in different dimensions and qualities. The individually dimensioned rolling mills guarantee high productivity and low operating costs – in short: more competitiveness.



Stretch Reducing block for stretch reducing of seamless and welded tubes of Ø 10.2 mm – 277.2 mm (0.405" – 10.750")


Extractor to "extract" the mandrel in a seamless tube mill to produce finish tube sizes of Ø 17.2 mm – 406.4 mm (3/8" – 16.000“)


Tube Sizing Block for sizing of tubes within the dimension range of Ø 17.2 mm – 406.4 mm (3/8" – 16.000")


KOCKS Rotation Mill, the 4-roll cross-roll elongator for shell production in seamless tube mills to produce finished tube sizes of Ø 17.2 – 177.8 mm (5/8“ – 7.000“). Shell dimensions: diameter: 125 mm and 195 mm / wall thickness: 3.5 – 40.0 mm / length: up to 60 meters


Rotating Hot Saw to exactly separate tubes to special or standard dimensions as well as to crop head and tail ends of the tube within the dimension range of Ø 10.2 mm – 244.5 mm (0.405" – 9.625")


KOCKS 3-roll blocks have a high modularity with respect to different add-ons.


An online process control system for Stretch Reducing Blocks: improving dimensional accuracy and yield for reliability in production and profit.

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KOCKS ensures short routes – especially with our clients and have a focus on service which considerably exceeds normal standards.

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Learn more about our state-of-the-art process and automation solutions.

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Measure up with KOCKS gauges

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A complex project

KOCKS and their project partner had to manage the logistics of a personnel-intensive project with a great many unknowns. BENTELER was pleased to note that the project was delivered on time, on target and on budget.

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