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With about 175 employees worldwide, KOCKS develops and distributes 3-roll blocks for the production of high-end long products for international customers. If you have any questions regarding our products or services – please contact our experts.

Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KGNeustr. 69
40721 Hilden, Germany

Tel+49 (0) 21 03 790 0

Fax+49 (0) 21 03 512 49

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Please contact our sales experts and consultants for further questions regarding processes and products directly via E-Mail.

Supplier for KOCKS

Our suppliers play a vital role in our value chain and are particularly important for our high-quality products. If you want to apply for a supplier please send us an e-mail.

After Sales & Spares

If you need technical support, spare parts or want to learn more about upgrade and modernization possibilities – please do not hesitate to contact our service team directly via E-Mail.

Human Resources

We are always looking for fresh minds to join our KOCKS team. Just write us an email with your preferred role, your professional goals and your CV attached.

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Hilden, Germany

Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG

Neustr. 69
40721 Hilden

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Kocks Technik GmbH & Co KG

Neustr. 69
40721 Hilden

KOCKS Measure + Inspect GmbH & Co KG

Neustr. 69
40721 Hilden

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Bremen, Germany

Kocks Manufacturing GmbH & Co KG

Friedrich-Kocks-Straße 3
28197 Bremen

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Pittsburgh, USA

Kocks Pittsburgh Company

504 McKnight Park Drive
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237

Beijing, China


Huateng Tower, Unit 1607 Jia 302, 3rd Area of Jinsong, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100 021


Kocks Technik GmbH & Co KG

6F, No. 137 Nantian Street, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City 80660, Taiwan