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A holistic perspective means to have the know-how all the way through the manufacturing process: from liquid steel to the final product as well as to its differentiated applications. KOCKS is using this know-how and relevant key data in order to further automate the rolling process and offers tools to customers which either support them in optimizing their rolling process or produce excellent quality fully automatically – independent from individual operating crews.


Thermo­mechani­cal Rolling Process 

The KOCKS Thermo-mechanical rolling process combines mechanical design, automation and process simulation that allows rolling under specifically and controlled conditions.

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The Size Control System 

Highly automated closed-loop control system to optimize RSB® operating parameters to achieve and maintain best tolerances at all times at operator independent quality.

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Stand ­ Identification­ System 

System for the identification and management of 3-roll stands and 3-roller guides: a basic component of the digital transformation in hot rolling mills.

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An online process control system for Stretch Reducing Blocks: improving dimensional accuracy and yield for reliability in production and profit of tube production.

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KOCKS ensures short routes – especially with our clients and have a focus on service which considerably exceeds normal standards.

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Bar & Wire Rod Mills

3-roll Reducing & Sizing Blocks – the reliable rolling process for SBQ and wire rod.

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Tube Mills

3-roll Stretch Reducing Blocks – the best part of premium quality seamless and welded tube mills.

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