kocks delivers 100th rsb to china

With Yonggang's decision to invest in the 5th generation of KOCKS Reducing & Sizing technology, the barrier of 100 references was broken. Yonggang aims to play an outstanding role among the leading SBQ producers in tomorrow's challenging world.

company background

Jiangsu Yonggang Group Co., Ltd. is a privately owned, large-scale integrated iron and steel enterprise with a staff of 10,000 employees. Founded in 1984 and based in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu province, China, it specializes in iron and steel smelting and rolling processing, with an annual capacity of 8 million tons.

Yonggang mainly produces SBQ products, such as alloyed steel, bearing steel, spring steel, gear steel, cold heading steel and tool steel, as well as special steel rods and wires. These high-quality products serve the automotive, aviation, marine, petroleum, nuclear power and wind power industries.

The company´s customers are located in more than 100 countries and regions across Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia.

project background

With the implementation of the worldwide 100th KOCKS RSB in their ultra-modern 700,000 t/a medium bar mill, Yonggang aims to roll round bar within the range of 16.0 mm to 100.0 mm diameter in straight lengths with tightest tolerances and highest production and process reliability, in order to serve the demanding market with highest quality consistency at lowest possible conversion costs.

For Yonggang, it was very clear that there is simply no way of getting around the trendsetting Reducing and Sizing technology from Hilden in Germany if the company wants to play an outstanding role among the leading SBQ producers in tomorrow´s challenging world.

The decision for KOCKS was mainly driven by the excellent performance and reputation of this groundbreaking KOCKS technology with its then 22 references in the Chinese market place.


The heavy-duty RSB 370++ with 4 stand positions is seen as the quality and availability determining Reducing and Sizing unit, located behind 20 conti-stands in horizontal/vertical arrangement.

Each desired finished size within the entire product range from 16.0 mm to 100.0 mm diameter can be rolled economically by either remote-controlled roll gap adjustment within a billet gap, or by stand changes within 4 minutes using the latest KOCKS patented stand-changing system.

Furthermore, RSB stands and drive trains are designed to roll SBQ finished sizes up to 63.0 mm diameter at low temperatures.

The characteristic deformation properties of KOCKS 3-roll passes allow closest tolerances whilst either minimizing or avoiding costly post-processing heat treatments.

Experience adds value

Since the first implementation of the so called Precision Sizing Block (PSB) at Krupp Südwestfalen AG / Germany in 1979, the 3-roll sizing technology, the operational processes and the design of KOCKS machinery have undergone a steady evolutionary process, closely following market needs.

With Yonggang’s decision to invest in the 5th generation of KOCKS Reducing & Sizing technology, the sound barrier of worldwide 100 references was broken.

With nowadays 34 references in China, KOCKS is expanding its leading market position in a highly challenging and rapidly evolving market environment, rewarding its customers’ trust with highest reliability in terms of investment security, customer satisfaction and quality.