Chengde Jianlong Iron & Steel rolls first bar on KOCKS Block

The Chinese steel producer Chengde Jianlong Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. has successfully rolled the first bar on its KOCKS Reducing & Sizing Block for large bar dimensions in its advanced greenfield medium bar mill line. The investment highlights Chengde Jianlong's dedication to the continuous integration of advanced technology. The project follows a previous successful finishing block installation with KOCKS a few years ago.

In 2017, Chengde Jianlong modernized its small bar mill SBQ line with a KOCKS RSB® 5.0 370++/4 which resulted in a significant improvement in product quality and mill output. For the current greenfield project, Chengde Jianlong again consequently relies on KOCKS' proven portfolio for producing high-quality specialty steels.

In the newly built 1,000,000 t/a rolling mill for large dimensions, a RSB® 500++/4 in StarDrive design has now been successfully commissioned. Straight after rolling the first bar, the four-stand finishing block started continuous production. The RSB® 500++ rolls high-quality, straight bars with a diameter of 60 – 160 mm onto the cooling bed.

This biggest Reducing & Sizing Block comes in the advanced RSB® design. The further scope of supply included the remote control for stands and guides, which allows operational parameters to be adjusted from the control stand. In addition to the roll shop equipment, KOCKS installed the BAMICON Octopus software and hardware features that assist operators in the stand and guide preparation and support the entire tooling process in the roll shop.