Focus, candor & Reliability

KOCKS stands out thanks to a culture of endurance and reliability when managing the customer’s investment projects. And: We foster short routes. That gives us a competitive edge which cannot be overstated in today’s fast-moving world.

At KOCKS, our employees as well as our customers encounter an appreciably different culture of candor and honest reliability. Thanks to the KOCKS attitude of ‘tackling instead of talking’, our employees feel highly motivated by an atmosphere of progress and satisfied customers. KOCKS customers benefit from short reaction times, the employees’ drive to achieve ideal solutions and best-in-class equipment which successfully operates for decades - assuring highest quality and precision.

Since 1946, the KOCKS ‘family’ has been a familiy-owned company with around 175 employees – and from planning to sales, from engineering and manufacturing to commissioning, in service and after-sales throughout the company, from Pittsburgh to Beijing, in corridors and offices, in teams and meetings, you can feel a high identification of our employees with every single customer’s project as well as with the KOCKS team. It makes KOCKS unique that field experts, designers, technologists, managers and the owner can be reached personally, whenever necessary. Flat hierarchies, a great team spirit, short pathways and open communication through all levels assure a fast response to all issues.

To constantly improve our 3-roll technology and the corresponding automation solutions, we create a KOCKS-specific program of individual development, we work transparently, and combine people, abilities and uniqueness in an inspirational way. An important value of KOCKS is that we never give up and all colleagues involved pull together until we have reached the targets. KOCKS quality has always been defined by ideal solutions that compel our customers – for more than 70 years.