We at KOCKS have a strong belief in engineering as a way of making things even better. Ingenuity and astute thinking ahead – beyond what already exists – is a strong part of our future-oriented KOCKS spirit.

It's more than just spare parts - Our KOCKS Service Pro's:

  • KOCKS Service is - and we mean this literally - the 'Post-it note with phone number and contact person' on the control platform of your rolling mill. We do not have an anonymous service center!
  • We live and prefer short focused ways: At the location Hilden, our KOCKS experts are in the professional exchange with you and with each other.
  • Our KOCKS representatives in the USA and China are also available to your employees in your local language.
  • We approach you, our customers, proactively - that is special! We keep you up to date on technologically possible innovations to increase your competitiveness.
  • KOCKS Service is up-to-date and offers 'ingenious intergenerational solutions'. In plain language: A KOCKS investment pays off in the long run, as it has always solutions to current market demands, thanks to our expertise in maintenance and upgrades. Know How for tomorrow.
  • Planning, procurement, warehousing and logistics are included in our KOCKS services and lead to lean processes on customer side.