For KOCKS, engineering means thinking beyond the existing - this also refers to us as employer! At KOCKS, everyone deserves a second chance. If you drop out of your studies, e.g. in engineering, and you fit well with us both professionally and personally, KOCKS will welcome you to complete your high-quality apprenticeship in our company.

Developing new educational and employment possibilities for university drop-outs at KOCKS.

If you are interested in becoming an engineer or IT specialist, you will have excellent career prospects at KOCKS, too. Whether you are an electrical engineer, industrial engineer, computer scientist, mechanical engineer, sales engineer, development engineer, automation engineer and many more, the possibilities for specialization and the fields of application are manifold and exciting at the same time. Many young people, therefore, decide to study at university, to pursue an academic career.

According to the Engineering Monitor published by the VDI (Association of German Engineers) and the German Economic Institute in Cologne, the trend in demand for skilled workers goes upward - despite a brief drop due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, quite a few students are disillusioned with their bachelor's or master's degree: A recent study by the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) from 2020 shows that at universities, around 32 percent of students drop out of bachelor's and 19 percent drop out of master's study programs.

Training on the job. A WIN-WIN situation for you and KOCKS.

Dropping out of university is a very drastic decision and many of the young students have a feeling of ‘I didn’t make it’'. On the other hand, these students usually have already acquired valuable professional knowledge as well as personal maturity. Therefore, we at KOCKS welcome well-educated young people.

Jessica Starvaggi, General Manager Human Resources at KOCKS, speaks of a WIN-WIN situation when dropouts start on-the-job training at KOCKS: 'These young people have already gained a lot of professional knowledge in their previous study semesters and have matured experience that they can integrate at KOCKS in a value-adding way. Personal strengths and the right motivation to get started are more important than mere grades'.

Jannik Berkenkopf had also opted for an on-the-job training at KOCKS. He had the feeling of not making any progress in his mechanical engineering studies. His on-the-job training at KOCKS has impressively shown that - if trainees and companies are motivated - it is a real WIN-WIN situation.

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