KOCKS stands for premium processes and products

Since 1946, our 3-roll technology has been setting quality standards in the production of high-quality bar, wire rod and tube. Our customers confirm our pursuit of perfection with the words: "The KOCKS process is essential for the final quality of the rolled product".

KOCKS is THE process specialist with corresponding automation solutions when it comes to 3-roll technology. KOCKS has the most profound process know-how on the market due to the experience of more than 4,000 years of plant operation and uses this knowledge for its customers to simulate and design complete rolling processes for the production of high-quality bar, wire and tube. Thanks to this focus on technology and customer service, KOCKS is setting benchmarks in innovation, in long-lasting quality and in proficiency-based services.

KOCKS 3-roll blocks have been successfully operating in many rolling mills for more than 30 years and still surpass today’s market requirements. Our customers - leading steel producers worldwide - secure their competitive leadership for the lifetime of the KOCKS equipment. As a result of our intergenerational reliability and the integration of Industry 4.0 into our manufacturing processes, KOCKS stands for highest Return on Investment (ROI) today and in the future.

KOCKS customers benefit from the following key economic factors in their KOCKS investment decision: higher productivity, high-quality of Kocks rolled® products and the resulting higher average selling price, wider margins, premium product mix. The KOCKS processes also require a minimum of supervision.

These key factors make our KOCKS 3-roll blocks to an intergenerational long-term investment for our customers.