We only stand for gold

Since 1946 our 3-roll technology has been setting standards which have become the benchmarks of quality within the steel industry. KOCKS customers reflect our pursuit of perfection: “This is where we make the quality!”.

The result for our customers - world leading steel producers - is higher productivity, a reputation for premium rolled SBQ, higher average selling price, wider margins, added-value product mix. Furthermore, KOCKS customers can trust they are investing today in the know-how for tomorrow, ergo in best-in-class processes for a long production period. One more thing: KOCKS processes require minimal oversight.

When it comes to our core quality - creating 3-roll technology and corresponding automation solutions – we are THE specialists. The specialist with the most extensive market know-how of the simulation and design of complete SBQ rolling processes. Our ability to pre-design the entire rolling mill with a software tool, which is able to simulate the whole rolling process represents an enormous benefit for our customers. A factor which should not be underestimated and which makes a decisive difference in results. Thanks to this focus on technology and customer service, we are setting benchmarks in innovation, in long-lasting quality and in proficiency-based services.

We pride ourselves on our technological know-how and our vast knowledge of predictable deformation behavior of materials and of their properties, accumulated in 4000 equipement operating years in the service of our customers. And we see ourselves as the most experienced innovation driver in the 3-roll technology based SBQ, stainless und seamless tube processes.